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'No one forgets that they were once captive, even if they are now free' Yaa Gyasi

Along the Atlantic Coast of Ghana, West Africa sits Elmina Castle-a slave castle built by the Portuguese in the 1400's. The Dutch took it over and the 'castle' became a major holding cell for African slaves. The massive castle was a huge player in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. My NBC NEWS article on Elmina Castle, as well as my other reports on Cape Coast Slave Castle allowed me to be invited to serve as a panelist Al Jazeera's 'The Stream.' This episode featured, Yaa Gyasi, author of 'Homegoing.'

The novel 'follows the family tree of two half-sisters born in 18th century Ghana. One sold into slavery and the other married off to a British soldier at the Cape Coast Castle. Through their voices, and their descendants, the novel tells the story of what it means to be black in the US.'

Watch the link to listen to a dynamic conversation on this very uncomfortable part of human history.

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