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Jerk everything at Boston Beach

Boston Beach, Jamaica is the internationally recognized home of all things Jamaican jerk- jerk chicken, jerk pork, and jerk fish and jerk lobster. Nestled in Portland, JA, Boston Beach attracts visitors from across the globe for their authentic style of grilling and jerk seasoning. Ann-Marie Vaz, the towns Caretaker, wants her constituents to continue maintaining the country's standard of health and quality while serving up that jerk. She & along with others, brought the cooks at Boston Beach aprons, and other supplies to sustain their standard of quality food and cleanliness for locals and the world to enjoy. #brandjamaica #bostonjerk #portland #jamaica #bostongirl #beaches #blackjournalistsmatter 

"Its not just Boston its Jamaica. This is a world renowned place." Mrs. Vaz 

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