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A decade in review

The past decade for me has been centered around a genuine curiosity for the human experience and exploring the vastness of Blackness. I began 2009 in pursuit of a masters degree to be a professional nosy person, storyteller and journalist via video, images, sounds and words. I began my career in Ghana, at time when none of your faves could point it out on a map, let alone attend a festival in El Wak Stadium. I worked there, when Ghanaian Nationals were forced to return to the stadium, after living a prosperous life in Libya, clearing the way for "allegedly" the United States to murder Gadhafi. I puked all over myself after that story aired on Etv Ghana. But thats another story. For another day on El Wak Stadium before Afrochella. Intentional risk was the foundation for my curiosity, to go beyond the status quo of what journalism can do. Not for me, but for consumers of my curiousity. Reporting on slums, mansions, poverty, cholera, depression, the surfing community and daily life in Ghana to Black athesists in the UK to Rastafarian and game changing women in Jamaica to Angela Yee's juice bar in Brooklyn, to murdered children in Newtown, to hurricanes, to profiling Olympians to slave castles in Ghana and Senegal to food pantries, festivals, blizzards, prostitutes and dance life Worcester, to tracking human hair extensions in Cambodia to joining a secret society of smokers in Barcelona and bearing witness to sex trafficking on Las Ramblas road, I hope my curiosity encourages you to live a life a little more closer to your values. Curiosity was mine. I hope you take the time to meticulously ponder how you want to spend your time on this earth. Whatever your values are, live them intentionally in the next decade. The best is yet to come. #blackjournalistsmatter #2020

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